Politicians jailed after assaulting pregnant colleague in Senegalese parliament brawl | World News

Two Senegalese politicians have been sentenced to six months in prison for assaulting a pregnant colleague during a parliamentary spat.

In chaotic televised scenes that shocked the nation, Masata Samb slapped Eminem Ndayi Ganebi in the face during a budget debate in the National Assembly after she mocked his remarks criticizing him. .

Ms Gunbi responded by throwing a chair at Samb and was then pushed to the ground by other lawmakers and kicked in the stomach by Amadou Niang.

The men from the opposition PUR party were ordered to pay a total of 5 million CFA francs (£6,700) in compensation to Ms Ganebi of the ruling Benevolent Yakar coalition.

This dispute further increased the political tension. Senegal That has increased since the ruling party lost its comfortable majority.
July elections.

The loss was widely seen as a rebuke to President Mackie’s decision to seek a third term in 2024, a move the opposition says violates term limits. And the earlier promise would be breached.

Mr. Sale, 60, has declined to say whether he plans to run for re-election.

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