PS5’s Big 7.00 Update Will Include Full Discord Support And Ability To Stream PS5 Games – Report

According to a new report, the PlayStation 5’s 7.00 update will bring two major features to Sony’s console in the form of full Discord integration and the ability to stream PS5 games via the cloud.

As reported. Indoor gaming, the major firmware update is currently scheduled for March 8, 2023, with a public beta coming in the coming days. However, the beta testing will not include Discord integration and will instead likely focus on the new ability to stream PS5 games via the cloud. PS5 game streaming is reportedly exclusive to members of PlayStation Plus Premium, its most expensive tier. Improved PlayStation Plus.

This has been known for a long time. Sony has tried to link PlayStation and Discord more closely.. Sony president and CEO Jim Ryan announced the partnership with Discord in May 2021, when he said, “Our teams are already working to connect Discord to your social and gaming experience on the PlayStation Network. They are working hard.” The goal, Ryan said, was to “bring the two platforms closer together by allowing friends, groups and communities to more easily hang out, have fun and communicate while playing games together.”

PlayStation users can currently link their Discord accounts. And display your PSN ID on your Discord profile, which also shows when PS4 or PS5 games are being played.

It’s unclear exactly how Discord integration will work on the PS5, but it’s assumed that it will work similarly on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, which Full Discord integration received. Back in September 2022 for all users. On Xbox, users can use Discord for voice communication and even join Discord servers directly from their console.

Sony recently released PS5 update 6.50.which added support for new Dual Sense Edge Controller. The DualSense Edge is releasing on January 26 and is similar to Xbox’s Elite controller, sporting a mappable back button, customizable sticks, the ability to adjust trigger depth, and more.

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