QA Workers At ZeniMax Studios Have Become The Gaming Industry’s Largest Union

Quality assurance workers at Bethesda and ZeniMax studios have voted overwhelmingly to unionize with the Communications Workers of America, making ZeniMax workers the largest certified video game union in the United States and the first official bargaining unit within Microsoft. Is.

In a ___ News for the newspaperSenior QA audio tester Victoria Banos said the union of about 300 employees wants to end the company’s sudden crisis, unfair pay and lack of advancement opportunities.

“Our union will push for truly competitive pay, better communication between management and workers, a clear path for those who want to advance their careers, and more,” Banos said.

ZeniMax parent company Microsoft has voluntarily recognized the union, and ZeniMax Workers United will now seek its first contract with the tech giant. Microsoft announced last year that it was committed to a “creative and collaborative approach with unions.” The Company will respect workers’ rights by not resisting unionization efforts of employees.. In a blog post, Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote that the company is “committed to a collaborative approach that empowers our employees to make informed decisions and exercise their legal right to choose or engage in It would make it easier to adopt. A union.”

Furthermore, Microsoft has signed a labor neutrality agreement with the Communications Workers of America. Last year which will come into effect after 60 days of the company. Activision acquires Blizzard for $69 billion The closures will make it easier for activation employees to join unions. The Federal Trade Commission is currently suing Microsoft. In an attempt to block the acquisition, Activision claimed that Blizzard would make Microsoft too strong of a competitor in the video game industry.

Several groups at Activision Blizzard, including QA workers Blizzard Albany And Raven SoftwareUnions have been formed in the context of Ongoing California State Lawsuit Accusing Activision Blizzard of “Frat Boy” Workplace Culture. Both of these unions were not voluntarily recognized by Activision Blizzard, and were instead formed through official elections by the National Labor Relations Board. More recently, the developers of the former indie studio turned World of Warcraft developers. The proletariat has announced that it will also try to form a union..

The formation of ZeniMax Workers United comes during what will be a big year for ZeniMax and Bethesda, which is set to release the supernatural shooter. Red Fall And the much-anticipated sci-fi RPG Starfield In the first half of 2023.

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