Ramattra Is Overwatch 2’s Newest Hero Locked Behind Battle Pass

Ramatra takes his omens to a world untouched by the warpaths.

Image: Snowstorm

Ramatra is the newest hero of the tank. Coming to Overwatch 2 And the latest to be locked behind its battle pass system. Revealed during the Overwatch League finals last Friday, the shapeshifting warrior can switch between defensive and offensive modes, but will require players who don’t pay to grind to level 55 to unlock him. want to do

Ramatra was a military leader during the first Omnic Crisis (read: Robot Wars) who now leads the Null Sector, a revolutionary group fighting for Omnic independence and the establishment of an Omnic-led nation-state in Britain. Players are already speculating on the potential dynamic between him and Zenyatta, Overwatch 2The current Omnic Monks are trying to heal the relationship between people and machines. The X-Men Frenemy Magneto and Charles Xavier. If that doesn’t excite you, Ramatra is also voiced by actor Ramon Takram behind it. Alden RingThere is Godric.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

On the gameplay side, Ramatra can play as either a defensive tank, attacking from a distance and using shields to protect teammates, or an offensive one complete with his fists and whirlwind abilities. Goes into fearless mode. Players can shift back and forth depending on the situation, potentially making Ramatra one of them. Overwatch 2K’s yet more adaptable hero and a complex force to be reckoned with.

He won’t officially join the squad until the start of Season 2 on December 6. Overwatch 2‘s new free-to-play model, it won’t automatically unlock for everyone. While he will be available at the start of the season for those who purchase the $10 Premium Battle Pass, those who stick with the free will have to grind to level 55 before they can start using him.

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Although not entirely unexpected, the merits of this initiative continue to be debated by fans. Overwatch 2Monetization Scheme of Game players Blizzard Forum And subreddit Keep complaining about the fact that people who pay get instant access while those who don’t play enough to reach the required rank don’t risk losing (some players Estimation (It can take 50 hours over three weeks to reach level 55).

Some fans are so demoralized that the new system has even pined for them. Return of loot boxes earnable from the first game.. Skin prices have also gone up. Welcome to the world Fortnite built up

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