Sony Pictures has released the first look at the upcoming Gran Turismo film from District 9 director and stars Orlando Bloom, David Harbour, and Archie Madikwe.

Gran Turismo is based on the movie. true story of John Mardenborough, a young man who loves Gran Turismo so much that he makes a major life change and becomes a professional race car driver. Madikwe playing Mardenborough.

The film will have “heart-pounding action, drama, romance, and bad-ass racecar action.” Bloom says the film will also feature “body-shaking sound.”

Gran Turismo is directed by Neill Blomkamp based on a screenplay by Jason Hall and Zach Bellon. The film will hit the theaters exclusively on August 11.

As for Blomkamp, ​​he broke through with District 9, followed it up with Elzeum and then Cheppy. He is too Working on a video game project with Gunzilla.

The Gran Turismo Movie is one of several projects in the works at PlayStation Productions. The film and TV division has already produced Uncharted with Tom Holland and the films based on Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima, as well as the upcoming HBO series The Last of UTV and Twisted for Peacock. Metal is also behind the show. others

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