Sega’s Hiring A Sonic Lore Master To Keep Track Of All His BS

Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails look surprised at Dr. Eggman's announcement

Wow, I didn’t know Sega hired Lore Masters.
Screenshot: Sega/SnapCube/Kotaku

Among the job listings today that take on an eerie glow: Sega is looking to hire one. of sound Loremaster to keep track of Blue Hedgehog’s canon and non-canon antics.

If you have a degree in arts and you happen to be scrolling through a recruiting website, LinkedInYou may have received a job application from Sega of America for an Associate Manager for Sonic Team. Yes, of sound has established knowledge in its video games, movies and its low key. Fell asleep on comic books.. Although many may be scratching their heads at the existence. of sound In reality, one does not move quickly without establishing a precedent Due to. Over the past 31 years of Sonic’s existence, the story of Sonic the Hedgehog has included a number of bizarre stories such as Hot Topic the Hedgehog stealing his then-girlfriend, Sally, and her girlfriend. He was later captured by Shadow. Often smooch with a humanWhich is burned in everyone’s memories. So you can see why Sega desperately needed someone to keep the blue hedgehog’s education straight.

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As the name suggests, the lore associate manager’s responsibilities include reviewing and verifying story content for “accuracy and consistency,” as well as brainstorming, writing scripts, and providing feedback for new ones. including doing of sound Stories and characters. Loremaster job listings also accompany the release. Sonic Frontiers Tomorrow on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Switch.

“With both project management and creative duties, you’ll be immersed in organizing and shaping Sonic lore, canon, characters, and universes, helping to bring consistency, connectivity, and creativity to all things Sonic. across a variety of genres including games, animation, comics and more,” Sega of America wrote in the job description.

As of the time of writing, the job is listed as a full-time mid- to senior-level position within the company. If you want to throw your hat in the game, you’ll be in a pool of 371 others. of sound fanatics, of which 136 are entry-level applicants and 54 qualify as senior-level applicants.

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of soundHis vast knowledge over the past 31 years of the character’s existence has provided both fans and viewers with a wealth of good and “legally evil” appearances. On the one hand, you’ve got hidden gems like 1996 of sound OVAMachinima’s YouTube comedy series Sonic for Hireand YouTuber SnapCube’s Hilarious Real Time FanDub Series

Then there is the dark side. of sound Fan Education last year when then-President Donald Trump tried to launch the social media website GETTR, which he met. Left wing of sound memes, furry vore artwork, and — of course — mpreg art. It simply shows that it supports “free speech, free thought and the rejection of political censorship and ‘cancel culture'” with Twitter alternatives such as #sonicfeet, #sonicismygod, #soniclovescommunism, #sonicmylove, and #sonic_came_in_my_bussy. Hashtags is running inside you. Virtual Town Square.

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If it had been me as a “lore man”. of soundI will recite the theme song of the ’99 cartoon, Sonic Underground, Mandatory before the commencement of any academic meeting such as Pledge of Allegiance. It is important not to forget your history.

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