Silent Hill Ascension Release Date, Trailers, And Everything We Know So Far

Among the Silent Hill projects currently in development–and there are many more, as we’ll detail further in this article–are the hardest to track down. Silent Hill Ascension. With only a reveal trailer, even fans are likely to pay close attention to what kind of game it’s going to be. This answer, and others, are still a bit fuzzy, but not without some contextual clues. Here’s everything we know about Silent Hill Ascension so far.

Silent Hill Ascension Release Date

When the experience came out, it didn’t come with a specific release date, but it was announced for 2023. However, as we will explain, it may not have just one release date.

What is Silent Hill Ascension?

Silent Hill Ascension is not a traditional video game, although it is an interactive experience. It also may not launch on consoles and PC, though it may be viewable on those platforms in some way. These are questions we still don’t have answers to. What we do know is that Ascension is a MILE, or massively interactive live event. MILEs are transmedia interactive experiences that, historically, have come from a number of different teams, but all operate on Genvid Technologies’ core cloud technology.

The most recent MILE is The Walking Dead: Last Mile, which ran exclusively on Facebook for several months in 2022. MILEs can have varying degrees of gameplay and no two MILEs work the same way, other than their main commonality is the hybrid game mode. – The series unfolds in real time with audience participation.

For Last Mile, this meant that players played minigames, made story decisions as a group, and watched the experience unfold as virtual characters often lived their lives mostly on autopilot. It’s not yet known what the interactive elements of Silent Hill Ascension will look like, though rumors of a companion app for at least one of the new Silent Hill games seem to go well with it.

The short version of understanding what Tomagatchi Plus Telltale Plus Twitch Plays is by a MILE argument. There will likely be interactive elements and some experiences, but other parts of the series will unfold on their own, and players can choose to spectate and/or participate or not. It may well be episodic, though this remains to be confirmed.

Past MILES have often been completely free, as they have not included in-game purchases. That’s because they were on Facebook, a platform that’s already free and exists by selling ad space and showing MILE participants. We still don’t know if Silent Hill Ascension will be free as such, and if it’s not free, if it will be sold in stores. One can think of it as a subscription or one-time purchase on a mobile app.

Who is making Silent Hill Ascension?

Along with Genvid, which provides the cloud infrastructure to allow potentially thousands or more players to experience the series at a time, Ascension’s art and sound design is being led by JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot. Is. Although the company has created several well-known properties, 2004’s Lost is perhaps its most beloved.

The project also includes Ruya Interactive and DJ2 Entertainment. The former is best known for Dead by Daylight, while the latter, though lesser known, is, according to its website, “a feature film, television and digital content production company that produces video Specializes in game-to-TV/motion picture adaptation.” .


We’ve only seen one trailer for Silent Hill Ascension since it was revealed, and it doesn’t exactly explain what we’ve tried above for those who might be uninitiated by MILE. In it, we see characters texting back and forth–perhaps representative of the real-life players tuning in–as they panic over the arrival of a dire threat.

The menace is then shown, albeit shrouded in shadow, and appears almost medieval except for a very inhuman head silhouette. It’s substantially and decidedly different from the Silent Hill monsters of the past, though its metallic armor is vaguely reminiscent of Pyramid Head’s rusty, uh, hat?

Other Upcoming Silent Hill Projects

If you’re looking for a different Silent Hill project — or even all of them currently in the works — here’s a quick rundown:

Silent Hill 2 Blubber is being rebuilt from the ground up by the team (Layers of Fear, The Medium) and will first come to PS5 for the duration of the feature. Silent Hill Town Fall No Code (Observation, Stories Untold) has a possibly smaller project than Horror Legends. Silent Hill F There is a new mainline entry from a studio that helped Capcom with several Resident Evil games. For anything outside of sports, Silent Hill 2 is also being adapted into a film.The third film in the series. It’s an exciting time to be a Silent Hill fan.

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