There is a bit of a chip going on at the moment Skyrim Has been, and still is, on almost every gaming platform imaginable Hello Unlimited can be added to this list. One of Skyrim’s most famous locations, the city of Whiterun, is now a Spartan battleground thanks to Halo Infinite’s Forge creation suite.

As shared. Rebus Gaming On Twitter, a painstakingly detailed recreation of Whiterun’s Bullet to Head 9 user-made for other players. Download And play the games you want. The map supports most Halo Infinite game types, but does not currently feature bot support. Bullet2thehead9 has also rebuilt the village. Riverwood Using the forge, just in case the whithern wasn’t enough.

Anyone who has played Bethesda’s popular RPG will remember Whiterun as the first major city that the game’s main story points players to. While it doesn’t require many building interiors for players to battle, the town itself is spot-on, and features all the iconic aspects of Whiterun that players are likely to remember. . There’s even a giant stone statue that, despite clearly using a sci-fi Spartan super-soldier as a starting point, manages to come extremely close to looking like Skyrim’s god Talos.

Halo Infinite players have been having a blast with Forge since the game’s free-to-play release in November 2022. Winter update, when Creation arrived at Sweet Beta Farm. Players have wasted no time getting creative, and have created everything from recreations of classic Halo maps to Blood Gulch. A very accurate depiction of Waffle House.

Developer 343 Industries, meanwhile, is hard at work. Hello Infinite Season 3which will introduce new maps for both Arena and Big Team Battles, a New weapon in Bandit DMR, new shroud screen gear, another level 100 battle pass, and more. Season 3 is scheduled to begin on March 7.

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