Six journalists have been detained after a video surfaced showing South Sudan’s president wetting himself.

The footage was widely shared last month and shows a deep stain under President Salva Kiir’s trousers and a wet patch forming on the floor as he stands for the national anthem.

The National Union of Journalists said the men, who worked for the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation, were detained on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The union’s president, Patrick Oyett, said he suspected he knew how the video was released.

He named them as camera operators Joseph Oliver and Mustafa Osman. video editor Victor Lado; Contributor Jacob Benjamin; and Cherbek Ruben and Joval Toombe from the control room.

“We are concerned because the people who have been detained now have been held longer than the law allows,” Mr. Ovitt added.

i law South Sudan It says people should be detained for a maximum of 24 hours before seeing a judge.

Mr Kiir, 71, has been leader since Sudan gained independence in 2011, but the UN says violence and insecurity remain in the country.

There have been no presidential elections since he came to power, and the most recently scheduled one has been postponed again until 2024.

Officials have denied rumors on social media that he is ill, but the footage has been presented as evidence that he is unfit to lead.

Others have said that the clip was disrespectful.

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