Google Studio, the cloud service once touted as the future of gaming, has officially shut down. Shutoff is the final nail in a service that had many interesting ideas, but ultimately failed to make a compelling pitch to the general video game consumer.

Stadia had an eventual shutdown though. announced In September 2022, many industry observers point to Shuttering Its first-party studios in early 2021 as a service milestone. The move surprised many, especially given that Google tapped several well-known figures in the gaming space to lead the studios, including former Ubisoft producer Jed Raymond.

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Stadia has already started issuing full refunds to everyone who used the service, although the Stadia Pro subscription fee is non-refundable. While Stadia still has some die-hard fans. Upset As for the end of the service, he believes the future of cloud gaming is bright, pointing to services from Amazon, Xbox, and Nvidia as steps in the right direction. It remains to be seen whether cloud gaming will replace physical hardware in the coming years, but regardless of the outcome, Stadia won’t be there to watch. Still, it’s not all bad, as Google has released a tool that allows you to reconfigure the service’s controller to act as a standard Bluetooth controller, so it’s somewhat will live

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