Steam Rhythm Game Mistakenly Bills Players Daily For Monthly Subscription

Bad Steam games come and go all the time, but it takes a certain game to cut through the noise with a single-digit positive review percentage. However, there seems to be a rhythm game. O2Jam Online It pretty much deserves that dubious distinction, as several players have reported that the game is billing them every day for their subscription — despite the fact that they purchased a month-long subscription.

Be clear that aside from this glaring billing error, O2Jam Online is a tough sell. An attempted reboot of the PC rhythm game series that had a strong cult following in the 2000s, O2Jam features no multiplayer, despite “online” in its title. This is a bold move, considering multiplayer was O2Jam’s signature feature at the time. the player Also reported a gradual inconsistency between singing and button presses – a major problem for a rhythm game – missing note charts for some modes, and an overall slappy feel.

Currently running: O2Jam U – The Ultimate Rhythm Action Game Gameplay Video

What’s more, it doesn’t allow you to buy direct access to songs–the only options are weekly or monthly subscriptions, which apparently charge you more. Players have also noted that the entire presentation of the game appears to be ripped directly from the mobile version of the game, and does not display properly on modern monitors. Ouch

Overall, if you are looking for a rhythm game on PC, then oh! Games are probably your best bet. Fair warning, though: they contain an almost lethal amount of anime. But anything is better than O2Jam online.

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