Surprise Survival Game Added To Game Pass To Ring In 2023

Xbox Game Pass is kicking off the new year by adding new games to the popular subscription service, titled Survival. Trapped deep.

While no official announcement was made in December about what games Xbox Game Pass users can expect to see added to the service in January, Stranded Deep was added as a “surprise” today. The title sees players stranded after a plane crash, and must survive by sheltering a procedurally generated fragment of the Pacific Ocean, scavenging for food, and fending off hungry predators such as sharks. The task has been assigned. If Stranded Deep sounds familiar, it’s likely because it was a free-to-play PlayStation Plus game in May 2021.

There’s reason to believe that Stranded Deep might not be the only amazing game added to the service today. As pointed out. Morrow NL On Twitter (via Real achievements), there are several other titles slated for the service, including the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and the Dead Rising Triple Pack. No official announcements have been made about additional games coming to the service today, so take these rumors with a grain of salt for now.

Even if additional games aren’t stealthily dropped on the service today, Xbox Game Pass looks set for a big year. official Xbox Twitter account recently gave players a preview of what games they can expect to play on the service through 2023, including first-party titles such as Starfield, Red FallAnd Forza Motorsport As well as expected third-party releases Hollow Knight: Silk Song, P’s lie, Nuclear heartAnd Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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