The Last Of Us Almost Had DLC About Ellie’s Mom

2013’s hit The Last of You almost had DLC that would have introduced Ellie’s mother. This never happened, and game director Neil Druckman even discussed it in an interview. Contains spoilers about the HBO TV series.

In Eli the Last of S
In Eli the Last of S

Speaking to Variety., Druckman said that Eli’s mother, Anna, will appear in the HBO series later in the first season. Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie in the video game, will play Anna.

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“I wrote a short story when we had already shipped the game. It was supposed to be an animated short, but it broke and didn’t make it,” said Druckman. “There was a moment where we almost made it DLC, but it fell apart.”

Druckman said that he mentioned Anna to the show’s other creator, Craig Mazen, and that he was “immediately excited” about the potential to feature Anna.

“We brought it to life in a very beautiful, poetic way, with Ashley Johnson playing Ellie’s mother and she was the original actor for Ellie,” said Druckman.

While The Last of Us never had DLC featuring Anna, the game welcomed an expansion called Left Wing Behind Ellie and Riley. Storm Reid plays Riley in the HBO series.

Ellie’s story continued in The Last of Us: Part II, which was released in 2020. The Last of Us: Part III may or may not come next. What we do know is that new episodes of HBO’s The Last of Us air on Sundays on HBO.

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