The Last Of Us Cast Breaks Down Heartbreaking Premiere Scene

HBO’s first episode The last of us Inviting fans of the video game franchise as well as those who haven’t played in the world of Ellie, Joel, Clickers and the end of society as we know it. Anyone who has spent time playing the Naughty Dog game series knows that The Last of Us is not your run-of-the-mill zombie apocalypse story. It’s one of those soul-crushing heartbreaks and how you move on from it.

Warning: From here on out, we’ll be discussing spoilers for the premiere episode of The Last of Us. If you have yet to watch the show, head over to HBO Max now and see for yourself what happens.

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This heartbreak is a staple of video game beginnings, so for those in the know, it should come as no surprise that the first episode of The Last of Us captures these terrifying moments in live action. Is. The series introduces Joel (Pedro Pascal), his daughter Sara (Nico Parker) and his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna), as they realize that a fungal outbreak is turning people into zombified creatures. In their fight to escape the horrors, they end up in the crosshairs of members of the army, who shoot Sarah. It’s a disturbing sight to watch play out, because literally no one knows what’s going on or why these newly hatched monsters are attacking other people.

When it came to filming the moment, Parker admitted that she and Pascal were “listening to sad songs” to get into the right headspace. The two also spoke with showrunner Craig Mazen about the scene.

“I remember Craig coming over to us as a final gesture, and he turned to me and he went, ‘This is the most pain you’ve ever felt in your entire life. This is the most pain.’ That’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. You,” he explained. “And then he said the same thing to Pedro. And for me, it’s more of a physical aspect, but for Pedro it’s more of an emotional pain.”

The pain and suffering on screen is palpable. It’s hard to imagine such an iconic moment from the Games in live action, largely because everyone involved knows how important it is to hit the right tone for this particular scene.

“It was incredibly intimidating, but also very exciting,” Pascal told GameSpot, TV Guide, and Metacritic in an interview. He added, “It was an incredible opportunity for me to start in that way. With Nico Parker, which is amazing – it was an instant father-daughter relationship, and a fun and start-up. It was the best way. Tommy with Gabriel Luna, my brother, and this little family, basically, that immediately falls apart from the day of the outbreak — a great moment that’s in the game that fans are all talking about. aware of who this person is fundamentally for the rest of their journey.”

And while there certainly are. Adapted To make the moment more palatable as a scene on TV, a lot has been pulled directly from the game – down to the setting of some of the shows.

“I remember being struck by the similarities in the way he was building it,” Luna said. “There are a lot of expectations on this scene. But from what I could see on the monitor and the way we were handling it, we were really true to the game. The experience, and I think that’s what I’m going to achieve. What I was trying to do was I know what happened; I can see the wound and I know what’s going to happen. Try to deal with what’s happening.”

As for when we’ll see Sarah again in flashbacks, nothing has been said. Whatever the case, there’s more to our final story unfolding in the coming episodes.

New episodes of The Last of You air Sundays on HBO.

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