The Last Of Us Episode 2 Had Largest Percent Viewership Increase Over Premiere In HBO History

HBO’s latest series, The Last of U, is setting viewership records on the network. This past Sunday’s second episode, titled “Infected,” reached 5.7 million viewers across linear TV and HBO Max in its first night in the U.S., a 22% increase in viewership from its January 15 premiere. was good. It was the largest percentage increase for an original HBO show from its premiere to its second episode in the network’s history. According to the variety.

For comparison, the second episode of House of the Dragon reached several million more viewers–10.2 million–but the percentage increase over the premiere was only 2%.

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The Last of Us series premiere, meanwhile, on January 15, has now reached 18 million viewers in its first week, more than four times that number. 4.7 million viewers for its premiere. The Last of Us’ debut on HBO was the network’s second-biggest series premiere since 2010, behind only House of the Dragon.

HBO has stated that Sunday evening viewership for any given series typically represents about 20%-40% of the show’s total viewership per episode. Thus, “Infected” should see a big hit in viewership in the coming days. After all, the series premiere It climbed to 10 million viewers after two days.

New episodes of HBO’s The Last of Us will air Sunday nights at 9 PM ET, leading up to the Season 1 finale on March 12. The official podcast hosted by Troy Baker In which Mazin and Druckman break down each episode scene by scene.

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