The fanatic Victory Bundle Featuring six great RPG and adventure games on sale for just $8. That’s a huge discount on nearly $176 worth of Steam games.

The bundle includes Pathologic 2, a survival horror RPG that became a cult hit thanks to its tense gameplay, dark atmosphere, and open-ended structure. A deadly plague is ravaging a small village, and players have only 12 game days to save themselves and as many people as possible in the town and solve the mystery of the sudden onset of the disease. .

Next up is Chasm, a side-scrolling dungeon crawler with Metroidvania elements where you explore procedurally generated caverns beneath a small mining town. The townspeople are gone, and the nearby mine is now full of monsters. Like any good dungeon crawler, there’s plenty of loot to collect, quests to complete, and secrets to uncover deep underground.

Along with the fantasy-themed dungeon crawler, there’s also the sci-fi ghost-like Hell Point. Players explore a massive space station full of tough enemies and giant bosses. The space station orbits a nearby black hole in real time which affects enemy behavior and triggers unique events as you play.

The bundle also includes the narrative-driven deck builder Black Book, a deluxe edition of the comic RPG-meets-rhythm-game The Metronomicon, and Streets of Rogue—an exciting action rogue-lite RPG with immersive sim elements. All games in the bundle are unlocked on Steam, and you also get a 5% off coupon code to use on future Fanatic purchases.

Be sure to check out Fanatic for other ongoing deals, e.g This bundle on 8 steam deck ready games for only $10.

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Fanatic Victory Bundle

  • The Black Book
  • ditch
  • Hell point
  • The Metronomicon – Deluxe Edition
  • Pathologic 2
  • Rogue Streets

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