Trump, Weighing Third Bid for President, Sets ‘Big Announcement’ for Next Week

VANDALIA, Ohio — On the final night of the 2022 midterm campaigns, Donald J. Trump hosted a rally in Ohio to help pick up a Senate hopeful — and instead took the spotlight all to himself.

In a quick speech on a cold airport tarmac outside Dayton, Mr. Trump spent most of his time talking about his four years as president. Again, a tease about his plans to possibly announce a third campaign for president.

However, this time he named the date and place.

“I’m going to make a huge announcement on November 15 at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida,” he said in the final moments of his 100-minute speech.

Mr. Trump has never been one to share the stage for long, and certainly, the vast majority of men and women who waited hours to taxi their jets did so to witness the former president’s indignity. He urges him to run for office rather than listen to the state’s Republican Senate candidate, JD Vance.

But the rally was apparently held to support Mr. Vance, a first-time pollster who has had trouble breaking away from the Democratic nominee, Tim Ryan.

Mr. Trump gave Mr. Vance exactly one minute on the microphone.

Mr. Trump has continued to walk the line of announcing a third consecutive White House campaign. He even told people earlier Monday that he was considering declaring himself a candidate at a rally that night.

But doing so could backfire by highlighting the electoral stakes for Democrats and others who have backed away from Mr. Trump, and by encouraging those who have not yet voted to participate in Tuesday’s election. There is a risk of fire.

Some friends and advisers have urged Mr. Trump to wait at least until January, fearing that “Trump fatigue” contributed to his loss in 2020 and sensing that the electorate is a vicious cycle. Will want a break after the mid-season.

The former president appeared to acknowledge the risks during his Ohio speech, explaining to supporters why he had refrained from making a full announcement from the rally stage.

He said that we do not want to take anything away from the importance of tomorrow.

For the former prime-time TV star and branding magnate, that’s easy to say.

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