UK expected to require travellers from China to provide negative pre-departure COVID test | UK News

The UK is expected to announce a requirement to provide a negative pre-departure COVID test for travelers arriving from China.

The move would bring the UK in line with several other countries, such as the US, which have announced similar rules in recent days.

Sources say the move is precautionary and temporary and is due to China’s lack of confidence in the vaccine and data.

Infections have surged after China rolled back some of its notoriously strict coronavirus laws.

According to leaked notes, officials estimate that 250 million people have been infected with the virus in the first 20 days of December.

Last week in China’s largest city, Shanghai… 5.43 million positive cases Among its 25 million inhabitants.

However, the true number may be significantly higher because asymptomatic cases are no longer recorded.

Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the US and India are among the countries that have recently introduced new rules on arrivals from China.

French Transport Minister Clement Bevan also said on Friday that the changes would take effect on January 1.

A negative test will be required before flying out of China, masks will be mandatory on the plane and tests will also be carried out upon arrival in France.

Quarantine of travelers is China’s own requirement. Expires January 8.. It is no longer considered effective given the high number of infections within the country.

The easing of laws in the country follows an unprecedented wave of protests that have caught China’s leaders by surprise.

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