Ukraine war: Former Wagner Group member seeks asylum in Norway after fleeing Russia | World News

A Russian man, allegedly a former high-ranking official of the Russian private military contractor Wagner Group, has requested asylum in Norway.

Norway’s Directorate of Immigration (UDI) confirmed on Monday that Andrey Medvedev had received asylum in the Scandinavian country, but could not comment further on the matter for “security and privacy” reasons.

Mr. Medvedev’s Norwegian lawyer Brynjolf Reisens also confirmed the news.

The case was handed over to Norwegian immigration police, and Mr. Medvedev was transferred to Oslo, where he was held at a center for violators of immigration laws. Police in Norway declined to comment.

Norway’s Arctic police are believed to be suspected of having entered the country illegally late on Thursday, similar to Mr. Medvedev, who was killed July 6, according to Norwegian news agency NTB. Ko has been on the run since leaving the Wagner group.

He told the Russian human rights group Glago that he was ready to share everything he knew about the activities of the private group and its millionaire owner Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has ties to the Russian president. Vladimir Putin.

After crossing the 123-mile (197 km) border between Russia and Norway, Mr Medvedev is believed to have sought help at a private home in the area closest to the border.

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What is the Wagner group?

gave Wagner Group is a Russian mercenary organization.

It is a network of companies and gangs rather than a single entity, and includes a large number of criminals recruited in Russian prisons, who have led attacks in Ukraine.

The group has also become increasingly influential in Africa, where it is building alliances, spreading Russian disinformation and gaining access to oil, gas, gold and other valuable minerals.

The group’s involvement in the war in Ukraine

On Tuesday, the group made fresh claims that Russian forces had taken control of Ukraine. The salt mining town of SoledarIn the eastern region of Donbass.

Sky News analyst Professor Michael Clarke has said Moscow appears to have taken solider at the expense of the 15,000 Wagner Group soldiers who have either been wounded or killed.

The same claim was made on Friday, but Ukrainian officials quickly disputed it.

Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kirilenko said on Saturday that the situation in the town was “difficult” but that it was under Ukrainian control.

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“Although there is fighting on the streets and fighting outside the city as the enemy is trying to advance in many directions. The enemy is taking heavy losses,” he said in a post on the Telegram app. said in the video.

Wagner Group also claimed. The body of one of the missing British aid workers In Ukraine, Christopher Perry, 28, and Andrew Bagshaw, 48, were found.

A spokesman for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said it was aware of the reports and was in contact with Ukrainian authorities.

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