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If you had three wishes, what would they be? If Kiera Roddick could have one wish in the world, she would want “bravery.”

The Ukrainian MP and leader of the Holos political party, speaking to Neil Peterson on the Sky News Daily podcast, said he hoped others could “stand up against the tyranny”.

As part of a special mini-series on the Daily Podcast, Peterson is asking people from politics, entertainment and sports how they can use the three wishes to change the world, their country and their lives. will do

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Before becoming an MP in 2019, Roddick was the COO of Ring Home Security Company in Ukraine. He is still in the capital, Kyiv.

One of the reasons he became a member of parliament was to build a better future for his country after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the independence of Ukraine.

“One of my dreams – which I still have – is the next generation of children. [will] Not knowing the things I experienced,” she told Sky News Daily.

“What I feel right now is that we’ve robbed that dream, because the kids who are growing up now already know all these traumas. They know when the air raid sirens go off. How to hide when the bell rings. They’ve seen dead bodies. They’ve seen things that are much worse. It’s scary.

“It’s something I can’t forgive on a personal level, because we dreamed this. [and] We are all scared now. And we have to figure out how to fix it.”

As the war in Ukraine enters its 11th month, regular power outages and bombings by Russia are frequent.

“We’re going to spend this Christmas and New Year in one of the harshest winters since World War II. We all know that,” Roddick said.

His wish for his country is for his fellow Ukrainians to have a better and warmer “Christmas and New Year, because I know they will be very important to us. [get] this winter”

She added: “I can’t begin to tell you how united people are right now, even with all the obstacles that are going on. There’s no end to it but for us to win this war. And I truly believe that [we can]”

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