Valorant Season 6 Cinematic Teases New Map As Agents Seek To Find An Overgrown Temple

Valorant’s latest cinematic trailer sets the stage for Episode 6 by teasing a new map. Cinematic cross-cuts between various Valorant characters as they make their way to a ruined temple filled with giant flowers.

The trailer opens with Astra and new hero Harbour touring a jungle in India before heading to a nightclub in Istanbul. Here, Fed uses her nightmare powers to interrogate men in suits. At Valorant HQ, Oman leans against a bonsai tree while Sage begins training against robots. Meanwhile, in Korea, Killjoy, Raze, and Jett are hanging out at a restaurant.

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The trailer continues to cut between these various locations, showing Fed using his powers to activate a strange, giant door to a secret temple, Astra and Harbor’s location, and Sage. Shows climbing on his head during practice. Eventually, Omen uses her ability to cover the practice field in shadow with the Dark Core, adding Sage as she completes her training. Fed reveals the location of the temple to each of the other Valorant members shown, except for Astra and Harbor who wake up underwater.

After emerging, Astra and Harbor begin exploring the same temple. They encounter the rest of the agents shown in the cinema. They all size each other up before raising their weapons. The trailers dropped yesterday, January 6, with the promise of more details.

Valorant Episode 6 starts on January 10. Valorant, and other Riot titles, arrived recently Xbox Game Pass with extra perks.

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