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Turns out that CODSploitz was right and Activision has officially confirmed that CoD Season 2 will now begin on February 15th. This date is exactly where CODSploitz predicted it would be based on data mining that indicated the final Season 1 bundle would end on February 2nd. Dated 15th February

When you need a break from Season 2 of Call of Duty, you can pull your virtual trigger finger with Atomic Heart, which releases just one week later on February 21st. about console performance and revealed that Atomic Heart will prioritize frame rate over resolution when it needs to. Mundfish said, “Solid 60fps, 4K in dungeons, and dynamic resolution, mostly 4K at 60 fps in the open world. Definitely next-gen.” Other than this information, not much has been revealed about Atomic Heart on console as the trailers consist of PC footage. There’s no word on giving players a choice between quality or performance, and the performance of the last generation is unknown at the time of this recording.

Now let’s talk about a different type of first-person shooter. Today developer Futurlab announced the Tomb Raider Exclusive Pack for PowerWash Simulator. Available starting January 31st, this free–that’s right, free–DLC will have you cleaning up the iconic Croft Manor. According to the FAQ section of the announcement, this DLC will be a mini-campaign with a short story and five new levels to enjoy. More changes are coming to the PowerWash SIM, but the devs say they’ll release more information on it when the update rolls out.

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