Saber Interactive, the company behind World War Z: The Aftermathhas announced that new content will be coming to its survival horror game for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC players for its upcoming re-release on January 24th.

Thanks to Video Game Chronicle, we know that World War Z: Later will have a new mode called “Horde Mode XL”. This mode will follow the usual rules in a standard Horde Mode game, but will have a “demonic twist”. When players try to escape Horde Mode XL, there will be a “special XL wave that will explode with over 1,000 hungry zombies.”

Currently running: Horde Mode XL Date Announced | World War Z: The Aftermath

The report states that those who bought the PS4 and Xbox One versions will get a free upgrade to the current-gen version, which will run at 4K 60fps.

Finally, World War Z: After and World War Z Players on all platforms except Nintendo Switch will receive a free update on January 24.

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