Years After Release, Factorio’s Price Is Increasing On Steam Due To Inflation

Factory, the factory base-building strategy game from developer Wube Software, is getting steadily more expensive next week. Starting January 26, the base price will increase from $30 to $35. According to the studio, the decision is to account for inflation. The studio confirmed to GameSpot that the price change “will apply to all platforms,” ​​including the Nintendo Switch.

During the early access period, Factorio had a base price of $20, which will return to $30 in 2020 after version 1.0 is released. Since then, aside from the occasional sale, the PC version has remained at the aforementioned price. But as Wube Software announced on Twitter today, this is an “adjustment to account for the inflationary level of Steam releases in 2016,” when Early Access began.

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The strategy title has received dozens of updates since its 1.0 release, with the latest two being as recent as last week. In late 2022, the developer launched a Nintendo Switch version–the first console port of the game to share the $30 base price–which has been receiving support ever since.

During an earnings briefing in November, Nintendo management said the company There are no plans to increase prices. of the Nintendo Switch, but will “closely monitor the situation to determine if enhancements are needed”. However, in terms of the game, Xbox said its major new first-party titles — including Redfall and Starfield — will cost $69 at launch. Ubisoft. It remains to be seen whether other independent studios will follow suit with Wobi Software’s decision in the near future.

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